GsTL - The Geostatistics Template Library


GsTL is a C++ library that provides a comprehensive set of tools and algorithms for geostatistics.
The algorithms provided include:

Object-based simulation techniques and simulated annealing are currently not covered.

GsTL is based on the Generic Programming paradigm. It is extendable and easy to integrate into existing softwares. Here are two examples of sequential gaussian simulation, using the GsTL algorithms, on two types of grids from the Gocad software:

GsTL was used to implement all the geostatistics algorithms of the SGeMS software

Since GsTL is a library of templates, it does not need to be compiled. It was written in ANSI C++  and was tested with gcc 2.95. It should work with any compiler compliant with the C++ standards (or at least supporting templates, member templates, template specialization, and the STL).

Last modified: June 06, 2006